Up and Running with Jekyll

August 24, 2017

These tools have been used to set up my blog:

  • GitHub Pages

    A web hosting service offered by GitHub for hosting static web pages.

    Hosted directly from your GitHub repository. Just edit, push, and your changes are live.

  • Jekyll-Now

    Jekyll is a static site generator used by GitHub Pages.

    Whenever you push to a specially named branch of your repository, the content is run through the Jekyll static site generator, and served via its own domain.

    Jekyll-Now is like a “minimal working example” of Jekyll. It has been set up and ready to be forked and run. It also features a minimalist layout theme, which is very much to my taste.

  • Iconfinder

    A marketplace for icons. My blog’s icon came from here.

  • RealFaviconGenerator

    A favicon generator for all browsers, all platforms. You can also check your existing favicon with their online tool to see what can be improved.

Also credit goes to gaocegege and his blog for the inspiration.