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Toggle window always-on-top:
Hold left click + Title bar

Want to make the windows always on top of the others? By holding the left click on the title bar of the desired window for one second! You can also pin several windows at the same time.

Hold left click + Title bar = Toggle window always-on-top

Double press + Esc key = Close active window

Close the active window:
Double press + Esc key

Want to quickly the active window? No problem at all. Simply double press the ESC key.

Close window:
Middle click + Title bar

Do you love the feature of quickly closing the tabs in the web browser by middle clicking? With CClose, we bring that feature to all the windows. Middle click on the title bar to close the window!

Middle click + Title bar = Close window

Right click + Title Bar = Minimize window

Minimize window:
Right click + Title Bar

Right click anywhere on the title bar to minimize the windows. No more aiming for the tiny minimize button.

Move pointer to "Close window":
Right click + Taskbar button

Reduce the mouse movement. Convenient!

Right click + taskbar button = Move pointer to Close window

Ctrl + scroll wheel + title bar = change window transparency

[Pro] Change window transparency:
Ctrl key + Scroll Wheel + Title bar

Check out the cute puppy, or something else, through the transparent window.


Windows Desktop Version

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CClose CClose Pro
Quickly pin a window always-on-top
Quickly close the active window by Esc key
Quickly close a window by middle click
Quickly minimize a window by right click
Quickly close a taskbar button
Support windows without a proper title bar
Blacklist for Esc key feature
Change the transparency of a window
Prevent a pinned window from minimizing
Upcoming features *
Support the developer  
Price $3.89 USD **

* Starting from CClose 1.3, the free version will only receive bug fixes. All new features will only be available for the Pro version.
** One-time payment, free updates included.

If you have donated before September 2020, you can get 20% off, plus your donation can be converted into double-value coupon when buying CClose Pro. Please contact 😉

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